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About the Father Heart of God Mission

Our passion
We long to see more and more people who enter into a deep relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ, by revelation of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is for children of God to start a very practical process of shedding a lifestyle of an orphan in exchange for the glorious freedom of the sons of God.

Workshops and weekend conferences on Experiencing the Father Heart of God

On request from churches and fellowships, we conduct one day or weekend workshops and conferences on Experiencing the Father Heart of God.

Some of the topics we touch on during our workshops:
1. How can I be sure that God is my real Father?
2. What kind of Father is God?
3. Why does it matter if I have a deep relationship with God as my Father?
4. What may be a hindrance for experiencing His love?
5. What influence does my relationship with God the Father have on my everyday life?
6. What does it mean to have an orphan heart?
7. What can we do in order to change our heart?
8. What does it mean to have a heart of a son and to live daily in the glorious freedom of God’s sons?
9. In practical terms, what does the process of transition from an orphan lifestyle to living in the spirit of sonship look like?

Prayer and prophetic ministry teams
You can also meet us as members of prayer and/or prophetic ministry teams at different events in Poland, such as Father Heart Schools in Mikorzyn or Perpektywa Nieba conferences in Warsaw. We are honored to serve you during these occasions through prayer, counseling and personal encouragement flowing from the Father Heart of God.

Counseling and prayer
If you would like to get in touch with us personally or by mail in order to talk and/or pray about matters connected to the Father Heart of God, please do so by mail at biuro@mosb.pl or call us: (+48) 503 451 267.